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’žIH Number

In Gadaba there are only two r umbers, singular and plural,

Neither the gender nor the meaning play a role in taking different


L    The plural sense is conveyed by adding a suffix to a noun.

2.    There   are  three  plural   suffixes.     Different  nouns   take

different suffixes.

/  In/;/  e:n/:/-ne:n/

3.    /-In/

3.1.    This suffix is borrowed from Telugu and is suffixed to

the words borrowed from Telugu only.


kommu lu = horns

to : kalu *» tails

go : r lu = nails of the fingers.

3.2.    As an exception to this, two Telugu borrowings take

a Gadaba plural suffix,

tiwwa ne : n = Creepers

tokka ne : n = Pealings of the fruit.

4.    /-e:

Only the words ending with the consonant  /  n/or/  nu/

take/  e ; n/as plural suffix,-